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Billing and Payment Policies

The insurance and billing process can be confusing. Each person’s plan can vary from one patient to the next with each plan having its own benefits or exclusions.

It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to verify your participating provider network. You should also be aware of the specific benefits or exclusions that pertain to your plan. The customer service number for your insurance carrier can be found on your ID card.

After we receive your scheduling and insurance information from your physician’s office, Canyon View Surgery Center will contact your insurance carrier and verify eligibility and medical benefits for services at our ambulatory surgery center.  If a co-pay or deductible payment is required you will be contacted by our office. This payment is due on or before the date of service. Failure to resolve payment issues prior to your date of surgery could result in the postponement of your surgery. We accept VISA, MasterCards, Discover and debit cards for payments.  Cash or checks are accepted, not preferred. Business checks will not be accepted.

If Canyon View Surgery Center does not participate in your insurance plan, you may still be able to receive services here if you have “out of network” benefits. However, since your insurance company will consider our services as “out of network,” you may be responsible for paying more of the bill.

If you are not a resident of the United States payment is due at the time service is rendered.

Click here to view cash pay costs for common procedures. Please call our office at  (970) 900-7259 if a procedure is not listed.

Click here to learn more about the No Surprises Billing Act.

Preparing for Your Visit

Please bring these items with you to the ambulatory surgery center:

  • insurance cards;

  • valid driver’s license or state identification card;

  • payment for your co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, and any services that are not covered by your health insurance plan.


Self-pay patients are expected to pay in full prior to any scheduled service. Where possible, we will estimate the required payment when you schedule your service. Please contact our business office directly at 970-773-2350 for price estimates.

Physician Bills

You will receive separate bills from the physicians (surgeons, anesthesiologists, etc.) involved in your care. If you have questions or concerns about those bills, call the physician’s office or the customer service telephone number on your insurance card.

Keeping Records

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your health benefit plan meets its obligations to you and pays everything it should. An important step in doing that is to keep every healthcare (and physician) bill you receive. Likewise, keep all the documentation sent by your health insurance plan. In this way, you can compare the payments made by your insurance company against your health benefit plan.

Questions About Your Bill?

If you have billing questions prior or after your procedure, please contact our billing company, ReSolution, directly at 970-900-7259. Please specify your surgery center as Canyon View Surgery Center to ensure you are connected to the correct representative.